Monday, October 27, 2008


Homecoming at Purdue was a blast. I got to see all my favorite people. I drank Corona with my parents at my favorite bar, only to return a few hours later with my friends. I visited my college job where I recognized about 4 people. I ate, I drank, I was merry.

One of my favorite traditions last year was Breakfast Club. Anyone unfamiliar with Purdue who reads this (which I would imagine is not many): Breakfast Club means the students and sometimes alumni dress up in a costume and line up at 6am waiting for the bars to open at 7am on all home-game-Saturdays. Cheap screwdrivers are the way to drink and it's always super busy. My friends and I were dedicated Breakfast Club members last year and thought we could pull it off this year. After many a round bought and drank the night before though, 6am came too soon. I'm pretty sure we were still feeling some spirited beverages when I was awakened by a phone call asking where we were. I went around the house I was staying at, asking who wanted to get up and go. It turned out we all thought someone else had set an alarm, so we all figured someone would wake us up. Once this was realized, I said, ok, back to bed it is! I woke up again around 10:30, just in time to not feel sick for sitting through the game with my parents.

As far as the game goes: I froze in the stands to watch Purdue basically do nothing the whole time. It was a little depressing, but the marching band is always fun. I know, it sounds lame, but seriously. Sometimes between the band and watching Purdue Pete, they are more entertaining than the actual game.

After going out Friday night and Saturday night, I'm proud to say I didn't feel any consequences from beer. I think it's safe to say I've learned a thing or two since college. :)

It was wonderful seeing the loves of my life, including both family and friends. My sister and I got to spend some quality couch-time, which we loved to do in our old apartment. The only good-weather day was Sunday, and it was the most perfect fall day. Sweatshirt needed, but plenty of warm sunshine. However, I was happy to be able to return to my now-real-life to get cracking at work in the Sunshine State where it was 80-degrees when I got off the plane.

Well, I was happy for about 5 minutes until I found out I absolutely have to get my Florida driver's license first thing tomorrow and I won't be getting paid until mid-November. Then I got home to find my first Sprint bill (of course, due before I actually get paid). I guess real life doesn't take a break when you do, huh?

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