Friday, March 6, 2009


Happy Friday!

I'm writing today from the comforts of the Panera Bread about 2 minutes from my apartment, hazelnut coffee as my companion for the morning. The new blog I posted earlier this week has me really motivated for life and what's to come. I'm realizing that writing is really important to me and while I have to do my 9-5 job (which is rarely ever 9-5, but you get what I mean), I want to make the time to what I LOVE to do. That means I got up when the alarm went off this morning instead of hitting snooze. I left my house at 7:30am to come hang out in a yummy coffee/bagel atmosphere so I can write down my thoughts for the masses to read. And I gotta tell ya: it's all worth it.

I think it's worth it to have the peace of mind that I'm doing something for ME. I like to workout a few times a week, and I think of that as ME time, too. But writing is one of those things that takes me somewhere else; away from my real life. Even if it's just for a little while, it's so worth it and refreshing. And I feel like I really accomplished something, so even if I still struggle to recruit volunteers or get people to listen to me about how I want to change the world, I know that personally, I've accomplished a great deal. I took the time out of my day to relax and refocus my energy into something other than work. It was such a great feeling to wake up today and not immediately think about work, which is what usually happens. I get up and as I shower and get ready, my JA to-do list gets longer and longer. Most days it's motivating to get up and get out the door, other days it's a drag. Either way, it's my job and I love it. But being able to get up and think about nothing but what I want to write about: now that's a nice change of pace, especially on a weekday. I told a friend that I'd have to start saving my writing for the weekends. Then I realized that's what I save EVERYTHING for: all my fun, relaxing things have to wait until Saturday or Sunday. So asked myself, why? Do I have to wait until the weekend to do what I WANT to do?

The answer is no. If it's something I want to do, I should be able to do it. If I can make it work into my schedule, then there is no reason whatsoever to not take time out of my day to chill and do something I love to do. Granted, this won't be an everyday occurrence, but this morning I've proved to myself that I'm capable of having it all, even if it's just once a week.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another Blog

Three young women inviting cyberspace to read about us learning about life. It should be entertaining, maybe enlightening, and not the least bit boring.

I'll be keeping this blog, but also contributing to the other one with two of my best friends. We all go through crazy phases, so check out how we are dealing with ours.

Enjoy! :)