Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A case of the Mondays.

It's official! Monday is my start date at Junior Achievement and I. Can't. Wait.

I'm so excited to meet everyone and learn all I need to learn to do my job. I'm also looking forward to wearing my business attire again. This girl gets excited about a wardrobe change. :)

This weekend was good. One of my favorite Chicagoans was here. We went to Lake Ridge Winery on Saturday. The tour and tasting are complimentary, so we took full advantage. They have a lot of sweeter wines, which I tend to shy away from. They had a nice Cuvee Noir, a dryer red, which I purchased. Their wine is fairly inexpensive, so it was worth it for us to walk out of there with 5 bottles. No worries, we did not drink them all this weekend. We also went to the pumpkin patch set up in Celebration. It was a cute set up. I learned that pumpkin carving in Florida is a little different from pumpkin carving in the Midwest. Between the heat and humidity, I think our masterpieces may need to be thrown away already. Oh well, we still had fun!

I also went to the Food & Wine Festival with some Purdue girls. Purdue's October break was this weekend, so it was great to see them! We tried wine, had margaritas and beer. Then I took my Purdue drinking buddy to The Pub. That made for a good time, especially because the Elvis impersonater was there. We had so much fun and it was great to see everyone!

I'm going to Tampa this weekend, so I'm looking forward to my real last weekend before I'm officially working full-time. As much as I've wanted a job, it's kind of sad to feel like your youthful freedom will be slipping away within days. I'm obviously excited about the job, but let's be honest: college and these last 5 months after college haven't been anything difficult. I've been able to do pretty much whatever I wanted because of the lack-of-schedule I've kept. I'll be glad to have a routine again, but I'll always appreciate the free-time I've had.

Also: I'm counting down to my Purdue visit! 9 days...And I can't contain my excitement to see my family, friends, Harold's, and my beloved Noodles&Co.


Mom said...

We are excited you are coming home!

Amanda said...

So excited for you to be coming home! Sad news though - - our Halloween Party is on the 1st now not the 25th! :( But, I would still love to see you! Let me know if you have any free time at all? We could grab a cup of coffee for a half hour of a meal? Let me know! Love you, babe.

Amanda said...

Hope you enjoy your day today! I will call you after I get off to see how it went! YAY! So excited for you dear! :)