Wednesday, October 1, 2008


1 summer, 5 months post-graduation, 10 books read, and 1,031 miles...and I have a job.

That's right, you're not seeing things, I have a JOB. Doing what I've wanted to do since I walked across the stage at graduation. Yes, I've been working at the Pub, but you know that wasn't what I wanted to do with my Purdue degree.

In previous posts, I mentioned my meetings/interviews with the folks at Junior Achievement. They decided to offer me the position of Education Manager for JA Osceola County, one of the counties I live right next to. I will basically be coordinating and keeping track of the volunteers we send into the Osceola County school system (which is HUGE, by the way) to teach kids about their community and how to be good citizens. I loved JA when I volunteered for them and I am THRILLED to be working for them! They are doing my background check now and I have to take a drug test, so once those are done, I'm good to go! When I got the call about the official offer meeting I was going to have this week, I almost started squealing with delight on the phone, but I played it cool. When I hung up the phone, I shouted with joy and jumped up and down. I was house/dog-sitting for my manager at the Pub, so the dog looked at me like I was nuts. Which may or may not be true...

I'm looking forward to meeting so many people in the community. I'll be getting involved with the Chamber of Commerce, meeting the Board of Directors, attending meetings and trainings, basically a bunch of things to say, "Hey! I'm the new girl and I'm ready to work!". I wanted to work for a non-profit after graduation because it's great work experience and you're doing something good for society. The regulars I met at the Pub were very impressed and proud last night to know someone who's actually going out in the world really trying to make a difference. And these were people I don't know that well, so that was so sweet of them to be so supportive.

The Pub has been a blast. I've met so many great people, both staff and customers. That part will be hard to leave. I plan to visit, of course, because at this point I still think the food is good. And sometimes you just need a pint with the people who helped you pick yourself up when you moved over 1,000 miles from everything you've ever known. Now that I've given my official notice, I told a couple good friends of mine at work. Boy, news sure does travel fast. But when I explain why I'm leaving, people see I'm excited about this opportunity and they are excited for me.

I feel so blessed for my life. I have so many supportive people surrounding me, whether they are happy I'm taking this job or not. I have great friends who are thrilled I'll have a job that allows free weekends and paid vacation time. And a shout out to Miss Naomi sending me roses as a congratulations for the job! It was a wonderful surprise when I got home from my meeting yesterday! Thanks to everyone for your support during this not-so-long but difficult job searching time. I think I found something I'm going to love doing and I can't wait to take on Osceola County!! I'll keep you guys posted on when I start, people I meet, events I'm doing, things like that.

In other news, my current obsessions are as follows: already researching for my job, even though I won't get paid yet; the Twilight series; car and phone shopping; and seeing some sassy ladies in about a week and a half!


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YAY! Congrats my dear! Love ya!