Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Music Therapy

I consider myself a music junkie in the sense that I love music. I may not be knowledgeable of under-the-radar bands, but I do have an appreciation for all kinds of music. If you ever want to talk music or introduce me to some new tunes, I'm game.

With that said, after joining 20-something Bloggers, I stumbled on some FREE tunes thanks to Urban Outfitters. All you had to do was visit the site and say, yes, please pour your sweet sounds into my iTunes. We're talking 25 songs of delicious, new, and funky noise to dance around the living room to.

Music therapy is one of my favorite things (a close second to shoe therapy, which I can check off my list for today). During the stressful time of packing up my life, arranging for my furniture to be taken away, and closing up shop with my job at JA, music was just what this girl needed. And now I'd like to share my happiness with the world in the form of YouTube videos so you, too, can appreciate these bands and what they have to say (or sing). Enjoy!

And this last one wasn't included in the freebies, but it's a recent love of mine:

Can't wait to make some cds for the 18-hour car ride home!

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mylittlebecky said...

i am TOTALLY checkin this out! thanks :)