Monday, August 31, 2009

Day 12

Things are settling down a bit after the 1,000-mile-drive. I have a new bed, my things are unpacked, and my bedroom is looking more organized. I'll be setting up my computer and other office-y items this week in a space that will hopefully inspire many more writings, both paid and unpaid. In the meantime, I'm currently set up at the kitchen table with a vanilla chai.

So I moved home. Now what?

My day starts at 6:30am when I crawl out of bed and go to the neighbor's house to make sure their daughter makes the bus to go to school. It's an hour in the morning making sure the child is fed and it gives me time to read. Not a bad deal.

Last week, I started my new job. I'm working as a Guest Coordinator at Evan Todd Aveda Salon near campus. The first week was super busy and all over the place, but by Friday, I felt like I was really grasping my job duties and the workings of one of the best salons in the Midwest (no joke). The people are super nice and everyone has been patient with me as I learn the ropes. I'm also learning patience with this job in that I need to pace myself. There's no way I'll learn everything all at once; it's a process that takes time. At least I'm having fun at work learning about Aveda products (which are amazing, when you buy Aveda, you're helping the world. Seriously.). It's also inspiring me to make some drastic hair changes, so we'll see how that goes!

As far as living at home, it's not too bad. Not much has changed. It's weird not having my sister living here anymore. I kind of understand how it was for her when I went away to college. But, she lives close enough that it's nice to be able to go hang out with her for a bit after I get done with work.

It's also great to be close to some good friends. This weekend was a fellow Purdue alumna's bachelorette party. Had I still been in Florida, there's no way I could have made it. It was a fun girls' night out, complete with little black dresses and rounds of shots for all. I'll admit it: I feel like I need another day to recover, which makes me feel old. I guess it was going to happen eventually.

So this blog was started as a way to keep my family and friends updated on my life in Florida. I'm thinking this will be going in a new direction (with my recent relocation, that was probably a given). There will still be the day-to-day life updates, but look forward to reading about work events and my journey through the beauty industry. This will be an interesting year; probably pretty comparable to the last year I've had.

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sally said...

I do hope there will be picture updates of any hair-do changes! :)