Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Long time no blog.

So, nearly two months since my last post. Sorry.

My last post mentioned a training conference that went very well. I had a blast and was so happy I went. It reenergized me for my job and gave me new confidence.

Fast forward to Christmas 2008. I spent a lovely 4 days with my family. My sister got a Wii for Christmas, so we made like our 10-year-old selves and stayed in pjs all day to play video games. My 22-year-old self loved it. My sister and I needed some bonding time, so being home with her was great. We watched movies with Mom and Dad. And of course provided more noise than that house has seen in months.

New Year's Eve/New Year's Day 2008/9: Great food, great wine, great friends. In fact, a little too much great wine. We played Circle of Death/King's/whatever you called it in college. This resulted in a silly hostess (me). But we had a lot of fun!

January 2, 2009: I signed for my first grown-up apartment! Yep, I'll be staying put until at least March 2010. I found the place via a friend of mine. It's a young community with pools, a nice clubhouse, etc. Perfect for a young single lady.

January 17-20, 2009: Mom comes for the move. Thank. God. I don't know what I would've done without her. We had a lot of fun and I'm so grateful she came. There would still be unpacked boxes had she not been there while I was at work. And picture this: Meredith and Darlene manuevering a giant U-Haul. Yep, it's ok to smile and laugh to yourself. We sure did!

And I just got a call from Daddy, who is in town for a conference. I'll update more about work and stuff this week!

Hope everyone is well! :)

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Dar said...

The U-Haul was not giant; it just seemed that way! Moving is a lot more fun when it's someone else's life....:)