Sunday, December 7, 2008

Once Upon a December

I'm alive and well!

It's been a crazy few weeks, hence the lack of updates. Work is going well. I'm getting more and more comfortable in my position and with JA. I'm preparing and running trainings by myself. Recruiting volunteers is finding a sort-of routine. The recruitment process will change with every year, but for now, I'm finding my niche with it and coming up with some out-of-the-box ideas to get people involved. This week I'm attending a training workshop in Atlanta. I had to purchase a coat because it's about 20-degrees colder there than FL, and I didn't have a nicer work coat. Oh, and when I say it's going to be colder, I mean it will be in the 40s and 50s. Sorry, Midwesterners, but it was 70-degrees all week last week. Considering how much I'm not in my office for my job, it's nice that I don't have to worry about icy temperatures and snow while I'm running around Osceola County.

I spent Thanksgiving here with my cousin and her family and friends. The friend who hosted Turkey Day is a Disney performer, same with just about everyone else who was there. It was a RIOT! It has been awhile since I've hung out with theatre folks, so it was a refreshing, entertaining evening. Complete with wine and frozen mojitos, of course! They made me feel so welcome. This was my first Thanksgiving away from my immediate family, but my new friends made me feel right at home.

I also have some exciting news! I bought a car! It's a 2008 Hyundai Tucsan. Her name is Snow White because it's a white car. I love it. I feel safe driving it and it has plenty of room to haul any and all JA materials when I'm out on the road. It's a comfortable ride and the gas mileage is good, especially since it's in the SUV family. We're getting along great and I think this will be a lasting relationship. :)

I'm excited to go home for Christmas. As many of you know, I was traveling abroad last Christmas, so it will be nice to be with my family this year. I'm doing Christmas shopping primarily online because my new favorite thing is carrying on my luggage at the airport. Hauling gifts would make that a bit difficult. I'm getting in on Christmas Eve morning (it is SO much cheaper to fly on Christmas Eve, I highly recommend it), so I'll spend some time wrapping presents before the family festivities begin. I'm hoping there's some snow when I'm home. I don't miss the snow now, but it would nice to have a white Christmas.

And even though my schedule has been a bit busy, I have watched Elf this season. Twice.

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Naomi said...

jesus christ, i thought you died.