Monday, August 4, 2008

Sun, Sand, and $5 million houses

My August is going good so far.

I went to a wine bar last week called The Vineyard. It was a small place with wine lining the walls. I had a delicious sauvignon blanc thanks to Annie's great friends. Her fiance was doing stand-up at this bar, and he did a great job! It was s fun night out with good friends and family.

I also met my neighbors. They are doing internships at Disney in sports management. We bonded over Corona and agreed the tourism is a little intense if you're not used to it. One of them is doing a half marathon in December and he's trying to recruit me. Luckily, he lives next door, so I'd be more likely to train if I have a buddy. We'll have to see, but I think it'd be good for me and a great new exercise regiment.

I visited Tampa this weekend. A friend from Purdue lives and works there now, so she and I had a ladies night complete with a scary movie and delicious Italian food. And a $5 million mansion. She was house-sitting this weekend and this house: ridiculous. We concluded that about 90% of the house is marble, both floors and counters. They have a movie theater complete with 4 loveseat sofas, 2 armchairs, and THX speakers. Of course, there was a huge pool, picture window overlooking the lake, a wine fridge, and murals on the ceiling. We stayed one night there, so of course we spent the better part of it looking around, but not touching anything. It wouldn't surprise me if the owner took measurements of where everything was before she left. She was a little nutty, which showed in her decor.

After breaking and fixing the gate for the house, we spent a few hours at the beach! We went to Clearwater and it was beautiful. The water had a lot of seaweed at the beach we went to, which was the less crowded one, but it was as warm as bath water. The sun was hot, but the wind on the water was glorious and the water felt good once we got over the seaweed wrapped around our legs. We snacked, we chatted, and spent way too much time at Target finding the things we forgot to bring.

I'm amazed that I live so close to the ocean. The scenery as we were driving yesterday looked so serene. Clearwater is very expensive to live in, so I doubt I would ever try to live there. Well, at least not until I'm making millions. :)

I'm getting used to Florida and what it has to offer outside of the tourist society I live so close to. Though I was happy to join the crowds at the Outlet mall today.

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