Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Family Tour Vans and Cheap Disney T-shirts

My next audition is coming up in a few weeks. Make that two and a half. This one is for a singing group. Alert: I haven't done any real singing except in the shower or car in about 5 years. So the practicing has begun. Sorry to my neighbors who hear me screeching at the top of my lungs trying to push out a high-C note, but by the end of these couple weeks, I promise to have my vocal strength back.

On this excursion of training my voice, I needed some music. Both to practice and present to the judges. I really only venture out of the house when I have a real errand, minus the time I simply went exploring. The gas prices, though somewhat cheaper than Indiana, are high enough to keep me busy at home. On my travels for the perfect vocal performance sheet music book, I discovered that I am in very close vicinity to TOURISM. (Link: notice the red flashing road, this is tourist central). Guess what? I DON'T like it. Between the lost family vacation vans of fun and the words GIFT SHOP: CHEAP DISNEY T-SHIRTS, my patience with the general public in certain areas lasts about 5 minutes. These 5 minutes are spent relishing in the palm trees I drive by and the fact that I drive through Orange County almost every outing. Once I come back to reality, I realize I hate everyone. I probably drive like a maniac due to my Chicago-style upbringing, so I suppose there are mutual feelings between me and the tourist population.

I did find a book after figuring out a place where I could avoid the tourism-infested streets. In fact, it was a pleasant drive through the Floridian country, complete with orange groves. My favorite thing, which off-sets the tourism annoyance: rolling the windows down, opening the sunroof, and breathing in the citrus-filled air while blasting the tunes on the open road. Little did I know that I would miss the open fields of the Midwest. I do miss Chicago, which is obviously not a field at all. But everyone drives correctly (according to me and, well, other Chicago drivers) and at least there is legitimate architecture. They shot The Dark Knight in Chicago and seeing bits of Navy Pier, Wacker Drive, and the curvy Lake Point Tower brought a smile to my face and a tiny tear to my eye. Now, I've yet to explore downtown Orlando. I'm looking forward to discovering new places besides the typical chain restaurant in a strip mall with a discount ticket store.

Today was the first day I went to Disney, besides my interview. My auditions were held at a facility on the outskirts, so I haven't walked on Disney property for the sole purpose of enjoying it. I went to Downtown Disney because it's free and they have a Ghirardelli Ice Cream shop. And it was delicious. It was evening, so the families were looking tired. The kids were worn out from a long Mickey-filled day, the moms were exhausted from keeping track of the family, and the dads just looked tired of spending money. In fact, a man was standing outside one of the biggest stores SCREAMING at his wife, who seemed to be spending the last of the money they will ever have, according to his behavior and lunatic tendencies. I don't know if he was kidding around, but he certainly turned heads. It made me glad my parents are not the type to argue/yell in public. Thanks, Mom and Dad. Tomorrow I'm heading back to Disney to go to Pleasure Island with the fam. I walked around PI a little today, so I'm really stoked to go back and experience the nightlife.

Some short news items: I love having a pool, which I think you know, so this is a reminder. I have started my 8th book for the summer: Little Altars Everywhere. That means it's time for a job. Seriously. I'm applying for some writing gigs, from which I'm looking forward to hearing back. I miss Chicago. And my sister, though talking to her almost every day helps. :)

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