Monday, December 14, 2009

See for yoursE.L.F.!

I remember hearing about Eyes Lips Face on Oprah in 2004. It claimed to have makeup for the masses at unbeatable prices. Now that I'm making less money, it's time to get frugal. E.L.F. is one way to be beautiful without paying an arm and a leg.

My recent purchase consisted of 2 mascaras and 2 eyeliners. With shipping, my total was $11. And the majority of that was the shipping price. Each item was $1.00. Yep, it's the dollar menu for beauty buffs!

I decided to get black and brown, since those are what I primarily use in my color palette. However, there was blue, violet, and green available at the time. For those of you who are more adventurous than I, you too can appreciate paying $1.00 for your eyeliner!

Now was it worth it? I'd say yes overall, but here are a couple disclaimers. This is after weeks of use, too:

1. The eyeliner is an eyeliner pen, which I love. However, my brown color came dry. It was like a marker that ran out of ink. When I put it under water, the color flows once again, but the next day it's dried up. Obviously, I'm not using it, as I feel that's too much effort to put forth, especially when you feel like it's going to start running down your face due to the extra moisture. The black eyeliner has been nothing but perfection.

2. The mascara is...worth the dollar you pay for it. It's not the best mascara I've ever used, but for $1.00, it does what I need it to do - make my lashes look like they're there (mine get lighter in color on the ends). The mascara I purchased is a double mascara - waterproof on one end, regular on the other. A nice feature, but I'd say the quality is about the same on either side.

Disclaimer for these disclaimers: All products purchased were $1.00. If this is the worst it gets, then they've made an E.L.F. fan out of me.

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Becca Christensen said...

I ordered like $30 worth of makeup from E.l.f. at one point and was not impressed. I later donated it to one of my coworkers middle school bible study groups she leads. : ]