Wednesday, June 17, 2009

You've Got Mail

I'm online constantly. So why not try online dating?

One of the challenges is joining a website geared toward meeting people. Mine was some obscure site that was too easy to navigate. Dating isn't meant to be easy, so why would I try an easy site? So, I tried one of the more "well-known" sites.

Internet dating for women is...interesting. You can choose the age group of men you would be interested in, but someone who is 35 can still see your profile and comment on it. Some people post pictures, some do not. I'm the type of internet-dater who needs to see a pic, sorry, but if you don't have a pic, what's a girl supposed to think? Anyone who messages me and seems a little pushy (i.e. "hey baby, let's chat"), I'm immediately turned off. I don't answer men on the street who talk that way, so why would I answer an online message?

Now, there have been a few who may be proven worthy. Legitimate email conversations not eluding to meeting in a desolate location = within my comfort zone.

Obviously, playing it safe is a given. If someone asks to meet in the middle of nowhere, alone, then red flags should be going up. But, so far, the people I'm "meeting" and actually spending time responding to, seem relatively normal. We'll see what happens if/when I take the next step of meeting a couple of them.

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